3D Wooden Puzzle DIY Mechanical Model Kit

$39.99 USD $65 USD

It is not a plain wooden toy where functionality is limited to imaginary shooting by means of yelling “Bang-bang!”

It is a proper mechanical spring driven toy gun that has outstanding performance and technical specifications, including the most important – a huge load of safe and peaceful fun!

Great fun to assemble and to play with.

Quite simple and comprehensive assembly will not take much time. Spending 1-2 hours, you can equip your whole family with these new toys and have a grand family fun-battle or shooting match.


[Shooting Tips]

  1. Load the rubber band on the bullet hook and chamber hook. Then rotate the chamber to load another rubber band, totally up to 6 shots.
  2. Cock the hammer.
  3. Aim. Pull the trigger. Fire!

Safe Rubber Band Gun

Enjoy a playful fight with family and friends

Justice Guard is a more interactive series for people to enjoy. The rubber band wood gun is designed in a revolver shape, with real-action release and safer bullets.

Edit Smith & Wesson Model 60 mimics a classic revolver firing scene, brings you a perfect group game with family and friends. Pull the trigger and return to the wild old west time!

  • Capacity: 6 rubber bands
  • Effective Range:16 foot
  • Rubber Bands:100
  • Action:Single Action
  • Assembly Time:1-2 hours

Take your time, and you will be rewarded

The kit has all you need for assembly: a set of high-quality plywood boards with precisely cutout parts, detailed step-by-step instructions, and additional details. The quality and accuracy of the parts is very high due to a laser cut method we employ.