LED Flashlight Light Automatic Umbrella

$34.99 USD

Led with Mini Umbrella for Backpack Guide your way through the dark.

With LED flashlight, super high quality sturdy and durable, super waterproof, lightweight and portable!

Light the way in those dark rainy nights. No worries of stepping in puddles, you will see them. Handle rotates from facing down to 45° for adjustable light position.


Best Umbrella for rain , enables easy one-handed uses at the click of a button. Easy for entering and exiting small spaces. To open, untie the fastener, point black umbrella away, click the button. Compact Umbrellas for Rain will expand very quickly!

Don't worry about running out of LED power! Replaceable batteries are designed for your safety.

360°All-Round Protection

The larger umbrella design effectively increases the protection area, 360°all-round protection, no worries about getting wet even when travelling in pairs!

Package includes:

1* LED Flashlight Light Automatic Umbrella