Flipo Flip - Quad Tumbled Aluminum

$19.99 USD $29 USD
As a Father's Day gift, it really fits the bill!

The original mesmerizing flipoflip® kinetic desk toy that flips, rolls, and falls at the same time. Precision machined out of solid aerospace-grade aluminum with a tumbled surface finish.

The Flipo Flip creates a mesmerizing movement that is fun, addictive and calming. It can take you easy and release your tired. Keep focus and make work effective.

Stress-Relieving Toy

Great for releasing anxiety, relaxing, staying awake, ADHD, ADD, autism and other attention disorder issues. Helps you calm down while stressful, kill you time while you are boring

Each Flipo Flip is made out of a solid piece of metal using a precision-machining method to ensure the premium quality.

  • Bring a sense of wonder to your desktop
  • Take a moment of the daily rush
  • Let go of stress
  • Get creative and explore new tricks
  • Keep your mind sharp and your hands busy

Packing list:
1*Kinetic overturn spinning toy and leather bag

Size: 41mm*41mm*13mm