Articulated Finger Slug Anti-Anxiety Sensory Toy

$19.99 USD
  • Material: plastic
  • Size: Approximately: length 20x5cm / 7.87x1.97 inches.
  • This is no ordinary slug! It is a clear fingertip bullet that can help users in their most stressful moments.


  • This Finger Slug Toy is exquisite and small. You can fold it up and put it on the table or put it in a drawer to save space when not in use


  • The fidgets Slug Toy has wide applications, which can be used for students, office workers, and daily fiddling to relieve stress and concentrate.


  • No matter where you go, you will want to take this cute slug with you. They have an incredible range of motion, emit a slightly relaxing sound, and are very addictive and therapeutic. Please note that the details and durability will increase in proportion to the size of the warhead. These slugs are made of extremely durable, safe, biodegradable, plant-based, environmentally friendly, and waterproof PLA plastic.