Anti-Gravity Gyroscope - Stress Relief Toys

$39.99 USD

Reliable quality: gyroscope with brightly colored metal frame, stainless steel shaft and gold-plated inertia flywheel.

­čÄüFATHER'S DAY GIFT: The spinning gyroscope makes a fun and attractive stress-relieving gift!
Unique design: The gyroscope is a purely mechanical structure with no lubricated bearings, and when the gyroscope spins, its base will wobble a little.
Anti-gravity gyroscope can help reduce personal stress.

12 Ways To Play

Product Details´╝Ü

  • Product name: Anti-gravity gyroscope
  • Weight:77G
  • Size:83*64mm
  • Material: zinc alloy / iron

Product Includes´╝Ü

  • Gyroscope
  • 15 magnetic beads
  • A bottle of lubricant
  • A spare rope
  • One ring